LXC Music is a directory of artists with Cambodian ethnicity. It let's you easily discover new artists that may be of interest to you. It does so by providing a searchable database of artists with information provided by our users.

Content on LXC Music is 100% user-generated. Before any edits can be made or added you need to register an account.


You may contact us by email at [email protected]. You can also follow LXC Music on Facebook.


Why am I locked from making any edits?

New and regular users are limited to editing 1 profile per hour, any other attempts to edit or add will be blocked. If you'd like unrestricted write access, contact us and let us know why!

How can I edit something on a profile?

On every profile click the edit icon below the cover image on the right. The next page will give you the option to edit fields such as name, photo, biography, songs and albums.

What if someone else edits my profile?

Everyone can contribute and make changes to any profile to make them better. With that being said, harmful edits will be removed and reverted to their previous state. We monitor every edit and submission on the site to prevent abuse from bad actors.

I still have a question

See our contact details above to get in touch with us!

What's New (2018-08-20): BETA launch, Registration enabled. This website is still under development if you see any bugs please let us know!
Statistics (as of 2023-03-24):
  • 206 artists, 151 songs, 13 contributors